iPhone15 Overheating: Reasons and Solutions

With the popularity of smartphones, people find that their phones often get too hot, and this problem is especially evident in the iPhone series, which has been criticized for a long time. This year the iPhone 15 models released by Apple still have not improved this issue, and many users ask for help on the Internet about iPhone 15 overheating wondering what to do, if you are one of them, then this article will tell you the reasons and solutions.

iPhone15 Overheating: Reasons and Solutions

The reasons causing the overheating of your iPhone can be various, human or phone-related factors both included. The following reasons listed bellow are common scourges of iPhone’s scorching heat:

  1. Long-time running of high-load APP, such as playing large games, watching series, live broadcasts, etc. for a long time, the motherboard of the phone continues to work, resulting in the heat.
  1. Charging while using.The battery is being drained and charged at the same time, working in two ways, which results in the overheat.
  1. Poor heat dissipation while charging.The battery temperature will get higher when charging, so it’s necessary to put iPhone at somewhere cool when it is in charging, otherwise, you will see “Charging On Hold” notification on your screen.
  1. The ambient temperature is too high.iPhone used in this environment even for a short time can lead to burning heat, which feels like it is going to explode.
  1. The heavy shell of the phonecumbers iPhone’s heat dissipation function, which leads to cell phone heating.
  1. Running too many APPs at the same time, and the background APP refresh is on, which consumes massive capacity, resulting in delaying and overheat of iPhone.
  1. iOS version. Some iPhones are prone to overheat after updating a certain iOS system. Especially the beta version of the system, whose stability is poor, and there are some bugs in the APP, resulting in power consumption when operating.
  1. Long-time running of personal hotspot. Personal hotspot requires much power to provide other devices with traffic if it is toggled on for hours, meaning the overheat on the back of your iPhone.
  1. iPhone using non-original charging equipment. Maybe due to non-adaptation of other charging equipment, the temperature will rise up.
  1. iPhone’s designadopts the structure of dual-layer motherboard, which is more likely to lead to iPhone overheat.
iPhone15 Overheating: Reasons and Solutions

Tip: it is well-known that the overheat will damage the battery life, in other words, it impacts the performance and the longevity of your iPhone. So it’s important to learn how to keep your iPhone battery healthy.

Part 2: Solutions to iPhone Overheating

Here are some solutions available for you to cool down your iPhone and chill yourself.

  1. Try not to use your iPhone while charging
  2. Do not use in high temperature environment
  3. Turn on low power mode when heat is severe
  4. Turn off background app refresh
  5. Temporarily turn off iPhone when overheating
  6. Replacing your iPhone Battery
iPhone15 Overheating: Reasons and Solutions


Essentially, the iPhone is hot because the power consumption is too high, so just reduce the power consumption, the iPhone itself will not overheat. And external factors inevitably affect the temperature of iPhone, which requires human intervention to reduce the impact of external factors. Just do your best to prolong this little fellow’s life, after all it keeps your invaluable data.