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The biggest difference between the free trial version and the full version is the usage limit.

In the free trial version, you can try the teleport mode 5 times, the two-point mode 1 time, and the joystick mode for 1 hour. But purchasing Tiger Location Changer can unlock the rights and interests, and use the functions unlimited times during the rights period.

No, you don’t need to jailbreak your device using Tiger Location Changer.

No, with Tiger Location Changer, you can reach every corner of the world in a flexible and natural way.

With Tiger Location Changer, you can easily spoof GPS location and simulate GPS movement with custom routes in the following modes:

Teleport mode;
Jump teleportation mode (customized transmission route);
One-Stop mode (customize the route between 2 points);
Multi-Stop mode (customize the route with unlimited points);
Joystick mode.

The route defined in One-spot Mode can only move on roads. While Multi-spot Mode is not confined to roads. You can flexibly choose to move by sea or mountain according to your requirements.

Yes, you can click “Pause” if you want to pause moving. Then you can click “Continue” to continue moving. Or you can even click “Stop” to end up moving.

Yes, you can enter an address as your destination.

To recover your real location, you can simply restart your iPhone/iPad.