Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

POCKETECH makes the information and goods on this website available to you subject to the following terms and conditions. You agree to these terms and conditions by using this website. POCKETECH retains the right to take all legal and equitable remedies for any breach of these terms and conditions.


Any rights not expressly granted in this document are reserved.


There are inherent hazards in using any Software accessible for download on the Internet, and POCKETECH Software thus cautions you to ensure that you fully understand all of the risks before downloading any of the Software (including without limitation, the potential infection of your system by computer viruses and loss of data). You are entirely responsible for sufficient data and equipment protection and backup in connection with any of the Software.


You are welcome to contact us at the email addresses shown below; we will respond within three working days.
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On this website, POCKETECH offers you information and products. When you get access to this website, any action you do, such as downloading and installing software, registering, surfing, and so on, is presumed to agree to the terms and conditions listed below.


1. POCKETECH owns and licenses all goods and product-related materials (including trademark, patent, trade secret, content, photos, logos, audio, interface design, and framework) featured on this website. They are all protected by Chinese and international copyright legislation.


2. You may not duplicate, reproduce, distribute, transmit, or publish any information in the copyright in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of POCKETECH. Whether for business or non-profit. POCKETECH maintains the right to seek legal redress.

Software Authorization

Users may install and use the program on a single terminal for non-commercial reasons. Without the consent of POCKETECH LIMITED, you may not copy, modify, edit, or create derivative goods (including plug-ins, unauthorized third-party programs, and so on).

User of the software

1. Users are not permitted to sell, rent, lend, or transmit the program to others in any way.


2. Users are not permitted to translate or break down software, export source code by decompiling and decomposing, or create new software using POCKETECH software as a foundation.


3. Users are not permitted to give third-party data processing, application services, or business sharing.


4. Users are not permitted to alter any POCKETECH software logos or trademarks.


5. Users are not permitted to violate POCKETECH’s rights. as well as other individuals when utilizing POCKETECH software


POCKETECH makes no assurance of the correctness, completeness, sufficient, or reliability of the materials, information, and software discussed on the website, despite its efforts to offer accurate materials and information on the site. Before downloading any of the software, POCKETECH will ensure that you fully understand all of the hazards (including without limitation, the potential infection of your system by computer viruses and loss of data). You are entirely liable for any computer system infection or data loss that arises from the download of software or usage of the site.

Third-party websites and products:

POCKETECH’s websites and products may feature third-party website items or services. Third-party websites’ products or services are provided only for your convenience. POCKETECH is not responsible for the license limitations or legality of any material on third-party websites that include such products or services. When utilizing such products or services operated by third-party websites, you may be required to examine and agree to applicable terms of service. Furthermore, a link to a third-party website does not mean that POCKETECH supports the site or the items or services mentioned on it.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless POCKETECH and its affiliates, as well as their officers, directors, agents, and employees, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to your user content, use of the Site, or violation of any of these Terms.

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