All Gestures Used to Control Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro marks a significant leap in the way we interact with our digital environments, eschewing traditional input methods for a more intuitive, gesture-based control system. This cutting-edge device responds to natural hand movements, making the navigation of content an effortless and more accessible experience for all users. 

Most people have found it charming, but some may have difficulty in using it. Don’t worry; this article will offer some important gestures with videos to help you master it.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Use Apple Vision Pro in a well-lit area and make sure it’s clean and free of smudges.
  • You don’t have to hold your arm up when you interact with Apple Vision Pro. You can rest your hand comfortably on your desk or on your lap when making most gestures.
  • Make sure your hands are visible to Apple Vision Pro, and not hidden under a desk or a blanket.
  • Gloves, long sleeves, or large jewelry that covers a significant part or all of your hands can affect how Apple Vision Pro tracks your gestures. If you notice any issues when using gestures, try removing these items.
  • Don’t cross your hands, or cover up your gesturing hand with your other hand.

Part2. Vision Pro Gestures

When using Apple Vision Pro, users can utilize various gestures to interact with the device and navigate through the interface. These gestures allow users to select items, move objects, scroll through content, and access additional options. Here are some important gestures to know when using Apple Vision Pro:

Tap your fingers together

To select an item, look at it and tap your thumb and index finger together. This gesture is similar to tapping on an iPhone screen or clicking on a Mac.

Pinch and Drag

To move items around, look at an item and pinch your thumb and index finger together. Hold them together as you move the item to the desired location and then release them.

This gesture can be used for tasks like arranging apps, resizing shapes, or dragging images.

*you can pinch and drag

*you can move the items

*zoom it and out

Pinch and flick your wrist

To scroll quickly through content, pinch your thumb and index finger together, flick your wrist up or down, and then let go in one smooth motion.

This gesture is useful for moving horizontally through your apps in Home View, scrolling through a long web page, or browsing in Photos.

Pinch to see more options

To access more options for an item, look at the item, tap your thumb and index finger together, and hold. Once you see additional options, release the gesture and then tap to select the desired option.

This gesture can be used to show link previews in Safari or hide other apps.

One-Finger Touch

Certain elements in visionOS can be interacted with directly using your fingers. For example, when the virtual keyboard appears, you can type by touching the keys directly with one finger on each hand.

*source: WSJ


Apple Vision Pro tracks hand gestures using its outward-facing cameras, so ensure that your hands are visible and not obstructed.

Apple recommends using the device in a well-lit area and keeping your hands comfortable and relaxed during interactions.


Apple Vision Pro’s gesture-based system provides an immersive and natural way to engage with content, minimizing the learning curve for new users. Apple continues to innovate, ensuring each gesture enhances the user experience with simplicity and precision. The Vision Pro isn’t just a new device; it’s a new standard for interaction.