iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What’s New?

With the release of iOS17, one of the major changes that users have noticed is the upgraded lockscreen. In previous versions, the lockscreen only displayed basic time information. However, with the iOS17 update, the lockscreen on iPhone has become much more dynamic and feature-rich when the device is charging. In this article, we will explore the exciting new features and functionalities of the iOS17 lockscreen.

Standby: The Power-Packed Lockscreen

The new lockscreen in iOS17, known as “Standby,” introduces a plethora of features that enhance user experience and provide quick access to important information. Let’s dive into the 14 standout functionalities of Standby:

1. Standby: The lockscreen is now optimized for glanceable information, providing a snapshot of your day, including calendar events, weather updates, and personalized suggestions.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

2. Clocks: Customize your lockscreen with different clock styles and designs, allowing you to express your personal taste and preferences.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

3. Photos: Enjoy a rotating showcase of your favorite photos or memories right on your lockscreen, bringing a touch of nostalgia and personalization.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

4. Widgets: Access your favorite widgets directly from the lockscreen, keeping you updated with news, stocks, health data, and more without unlocking your device.

5. Personalization: Tailor your lockscreen to your liking by choosing your preferred widgets, quick actions, and app shortcuts for easy access.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

6. Live Activities: Stay informed about ongoing activities, such as fitness goals, music playback, or podcast episodes, without unlocking your device.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

7. Siri: Interact with Siri right from the lockscreen, allowing you to perform tasks, get information, and control your device hands-free.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

8. Notifications: Receive and manage notifications conveniently on the lockscreen, ensuring that you never miss important updates from your apps and contacts.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

9. Incoming Phone and FaceTime Calls: Answer calls directly from the lockscreen, making it quicker and easier to connect with your contacts.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

10. Nudge to wake: Gently tap on the screen to wake up your device and view lockscreen information without needing to press any buttons.

11. Always-On: Enjoy an always-on display mode on supported devices, allowing you to view essential information like time, date, and notifications even when your device is locked.

12. Night mode:  StandBy adapts to low light, soyour clocks, photos and widgets take on a beautiful red tone to help you sleep at night.

iOS17 Lockscreen Upgraded to Standby! What's New?

13. Motion to wake: StandBy activates if motion isdetected in the room at night.

14. Preferred view per MagSafe charger: For eachplace you charge with MagSafe, StandBy will remember your preferred view, whether that’s a clock, photos or widgets.


The iOS17 lockscreen upgrade to Standby brings a host of exciting new features and functionalities, making the lockscreen more than just a gateway to your device. With features like Clocks, Photos, Widgets, Siri integration, and much more, the lockscreen becomes a dynamic and personalized hub for your daily activities and information needs. This update enhances the user experience and offers greater convenience and accessibility, even when your device is locked. Remember, these are just a few highlights of the iOS17 update, and there are many more exciting features waiting to be explored. Upgrade to iOS17 and unlock the full potential of your iPhone’s lockscreen!